Supplies for performing the simple cervical cancer “screen-and-treat" procedure

Breast cancer is the most-common cancer among Namibian women (29.2% of newly developed cancers in women in 2012). Cervical cancer is Namibia’s second-most common cancer (18.1% of all newly developed cancers in women in 2012).

Planning for Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon programming in Namibia continues. The opportunities and challenges around cervical and breast cancer are great in this country, and our activities, while limited, have suggested the potential for further collaboration with the Government and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to improve access to cancer-related services. Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon is positioned to work with public, private-sector, and civil-society partners to facilitate progress in years to come.

Please view our road map for more information about our programs in Namibia. 

Namibia Road Map 

With PRRR support, the International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA) has contracted a consultant to develop a National Cancer Control Plan with the Ministry of Health and Social Services. PRRR continues to work with the IAEA and the Government of the Republic of Namibia to finalize the plan and begin activities.