Strength In Numbers: PRRR’s Participation in Advocacy Coalitions

Posted by On November 18, 2016

To support country-owned, sustainable programs that allow women and girls to access cervical and breast cancer services in low- and middle-income countries, Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon not only helps coordinate our partners’ implementation activities and offers them technical support, but also aims to secure resources and political commitment at all levels. And just as we rely on the Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon partners to help us serve more women and girls in the countries where we work, we also rely on advocacy coalition partners to help us achieve our advocacy goals.

The Cervical Cancer Prevention Initiative (CCPI) is one advocacy coalition in which Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon is an active participant, chairing one of its six working groups and contributing to three others as well. CCPI just reached the one-year anniversary of its launch and issued a report on its early milestones, which included setting goals, generating commitments for action, holding an event at the United Nations on World Cancer Day, and developing a provisional work plan.

Cervical Cancer Action is an advocacy coalition that includes Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon on its Governing Council. Strategic advocacy with international agencies and governments, political mobilization to expand global support to end cervical cancer, coordination among stakeholders working in cervical cancer prevention, and resource mobilization are this coalition’s mandate.

We also participate in an advocacy coalition addressing non-communicable diseases more broadly, the NCD Roundtable, which educates representatives of the U.S. government and attempts to persuade them to make NCDs a priority in U.S. global health programs. This group pursues goals such as securing dedicated funding for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to address NCDs; and ensuring the integration of programs to address NCDs into programs focused on other health issues, such as HIV and AIDS, tuberculosis, reproductive health, and maternal and child health.

In a crowded global health landscape, advocacy coalitions help organizations like Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon amplify our voice to decision-makers, and demonstrate to them the depth of support for our common priorities. Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon is excited to work within these coalitions in the coming years to promote policies that facilitate our work.

By Jennie Aylward, Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon Consultant