Speaking Up About Gynecologic Cancers Leads to Screening and Lives Saved

Posted by On September 22, 2014
Globeathon Logo   Embarrassment is likely killing women across the globe. While gynecologic (GYN) cancer screenings do save lives, fear, anxiety or embarrassment prevents many women from getting screened. Today, GYN cancers (including cervical cancer) account for 19 percent of the 5.1 million estimated new cancer cases among women worldwide.  Many of these cancers are preventable, or can be treated more successfully if detected early. The tragedy is that women often don’t recognize the symptoms, wait to see a healthcare provider or go untreated. That’s why raising awareness of these deadly but preventable cancers and the importance of screenings is so important. Low-cost screenings for women’s cancers, such as the single-visit approach of “See-and-Treat” promoted by Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon and annual pelvic exams can help detect GYN cancers in their early stages. When symptomatic, these screenings can help determine if pain stems from cancer or a less troublesome issue. However, even in the United States, almost 80 percent of women say they feel fear, anxiety or embarrassment surrounding annual pelvic screenings (according to the American College of Physicians). Women should not wait to see a healthcare provider about GYN cancer screenings if they think they are experiencing any symptoms suggestive of disease. Start the Conversation We all should be spreading the message that women should not wait to see a healthcare provider to get GYN cancer screenings. This September, Globe-athon to End Women’s Cancers is working to raise awareness of these cancers to help women start the conversation with their healthcare providers and get tested. Hundreds of events and educational seminars will take place throughout the world to help spread the word about women’s cancers. Visit to find an event near you. This post was written by Dr. Larry Maxwell for Globeathon.