Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon Doubles Number of Women Screened for Cervical Cancer in 2015, Reaching Over 200,000 Women

Posted by On January 8, 2016
By Crystal Cazier
Women wait to be screened at a clinic in Iringa, Tanzania.
One year ago, in January 2015, we celebrated 100,000 women screened for cervical cancer by Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon partners in Botswana, Tanzania and Zambia since the inception of the partnership in late 2011. This year, we are ecstatic that partners in these countries have ramped-up efforts and doubled the number of women screened in just one year, reaching another significant milestone of over 200,000 women screened for cervical cancer! More important than the number, each woman is an individual with a life connected to others; and a woman’s health is crucial to the well-being of her family, community, and nation. Women are the primary caregivers for children, account for the majority of agricultural laborers in sub-Saharan Africa fueling economic growth and prosperity, and contribute to peace and stability locally, nationally, and globally. Protecting the health of women, by screening them for cervical cancer, and offering treatment if pre-cancerous lesions are found, or referral for further investigation if necessary, safeguards their health and thus, women’s vital roles in society. Even though Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon partners continue to scale-up efforts, we still have a long way to go to reach our goal to screen at least 80 percent of the appropriate target population for pre-invasive cervical cancer. But with support from national governments, in-country partners, healthcare workers, and Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon corporate and foundation partners, we are moving in the right direction.   Crystal is the Assistant for Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon.