More Mother's Days

Posted by On May 11, 2014
The best gift that Letloa Phetso and her daughter Katlo of Botswana will get this year is the knowledge that they will celebrate many more Mother’s Days. Katlo is a bright student, who plays netball, enjoys Girl Guides, and spends time with her friend Miranda. While she has aspirations of becoming a medical doctor, cancer is far from her mind, and now, thanks to her mom it may be something she may never have to think about. Last year, her mother Letloa took advantage of a program at Katlo’s school arranged by Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon partners, and had her daughter vaccinated against the human papillomavirus ( HPV).  Because HPV causes nearly 70 percent of all cervical cancers, this was an important preventive measure to safeguard Katlo’s health. Letloa became educated on cervical cancer when she had her first cervical cancer screening, after the birth of her son.  “The screening changed my life,” she said. “Because of the screening, I have more information about cervical cancer, and I know that HPV vaccinations and screening can save lives. I’ve passed this onto my daughter.” She goes on to say that she “believes it’s wise for women to get screened, and to allow their children to get vaccinated.” Letloa is correct. Current estimates indicate that two women out of five diagnosed with cervical cancer die every year in Botswana. This is why the Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon partnership is working with the Government of Botswana and other partners to put an end to these tragedies. As mother Letloa and daughter Katlo know, the biggest gift you can give and get this Mother’s Day is the peace of mind to know that you are cancer-free. If you are a mom, go get screened. Mothers, make sure your daughters are vaccinated against HPV.  Give your family the gift of many more Mother’s Days and your daughter the possibility of her own Mother’s Day in the future. Be like Katlo, who says, “I will tell every young girl to get vaccinated because cervical cancer is a silent killer.” Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon wishes all mothers a Happy Mother’s Day.