Hostels for Hope Winners

First Place Professional Track

Emanuele Santini, Architect, Masa Studio, Rome, Italy

Emanuele Santini is an italian architect and urban planner. He is Co-Founder and Director of MASA STUDIO: since 1997, dedicating himself almost entirely to architecture and urban design. He graduated from Università degli Studi Roma TRE, Rome, Italy, the degree thesis has won first prize at the competition organized by OICE in Italy . He gained his Advanced Diploma in Professional Practice in Architecture in 2003. He started working in several Rome based architectural practice: in 2005 he moved to Milan to work for Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel and Partners. In 2010 together with architect Sara Marinucci, Emanuele founded MASA STUDIO.

MASA STUDIO is a multi-disciplinary design practice working in the fields of Architecture, Interior Design, Urban Studies and GIS: the main fields of activity concern the environmental sustainability and building renovation with focus on the relationship between architectural design and environment.

Since 2010 he is Visiting Professor at Università degli Studi Roma TRE, where he teaches “Expert System and GIS for Humanitarian Emergencies”.

In recent years the activities of MASA STUDIO has focused on architectural design in developing countries: project for a school complex  in Lybia, a New Public Library for University of Tripoli and Prefab Modules for Laboratories in Equatorial Guinea.  Emanuele believes that the role of an architect is to identify the forces at play in order to build a better-quality environment: the pressing issues regarding people and their relationship with the built environment in all its complexity – humanitarian crisis, displacement, migration, segregation, urban vs rural, access to drinking water and sanitation facilities, natural disasters, waste and standard of living – should be the focus of the work of each architect.

Projects currently underway are an innovative residential complex in Italy with wooden earthquake proof “platform frame” structure and a building renovation in Rome (demolition and rebuilding) with no increase of land use.

Emanuele is a member of the Professional Association Ordine degli Architetti P.P.C. di Roma e Provincia

Winning design:

First Place Student Track

Akrem Ezedin, Henok Yared, Emaelaf Tebikew; Ethiopian Institute of Architecture and Building Construction, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Akrem Ezedin is a full time 6th year architecture student at EiABC who will be graduating in a month. Currently he is working on his thesis project which is themed rural-urban transformation focusing on rural school typologies. This is Akrem’s first ever to win an international competition, though he has participated on refugee camp design winning in Asosa, Ethiopia, and small projects including campus gate and bus stop designs. Project and workshops includes warkawater 3.0 in Addis Ababa, design and construction of MACU-an experimental modular design for rapid building. Interests include contemporary arts, graphic design and photography. 

Henok Yared is a full time 6th year architecture student at EiABC and will be graduating in a month. Currently working on his thesis project which is themed rural-urban transformation focusing on adaptable building systems for small town development. It is also the first international win for Henok, despite having been participating in local competitions and winners, including Addis Ababa bus and taxi stop design, shelter and school design for refugees in Assosa. He has also participated in projects of warkawater in Ethiopia and water pavilion, a project led and designed by himself. Other experimental constructions of MACU and SECU, series of prototypes in corporation with Bahaus, Weimar. Interests include graphic design, physical construction and travelling.

Emaelaf  Tebikew is a 6th year Architecture student at Ethiopian Institute of Architecture and Building Construction (EiABC). He is finalizing his thesis work entitled “expendable building systems in ruler Ethiopia”. He is also the winner of two Bamboo Design Competitions for Assosa Refugee Camp, and Child friendly spaces. He considers himself as a highly contextual architect who tries to make a link between culture and society. He is interested in creating contemporary designs with local and traditional building materials. 

Winning design:

Second Place Professional Track

Nasra Ali, IPA Architects; Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

IPA Architects Ltd are an architectural practice with offices in London and a Dar es Salaam office which has been established since 1993. For over 2 decades they have been involved in many prestigious projects in Tanzania ( including several projects at State House – The President’s Offices, President’s Residence and Conference Centre – as well as the recently completed NBC Headquarters for the largest bank in Tanzania.

Nasra Ali is an architectural student who was the lead designer on IPA’s Hostels for Hope entry. She studied at Manchester University and undertook a 1 year’s internship in IPA’s Dar office up to August 2016 when she returned to London to complete her studies.

Winning design:

Second Place Student Track

Alina Zakrevskaya, Amina Yusupova, Stanislava Fedorova; Moscow Architectural Institute, Moscow, Russia

Winning design:

Third Place Professional Track

Abel Castillo, XPD Architects; Santo Domingo Este, Dominican Republic

Abel Castillo, from the Dominican Republic is the Co-Founder of Colectivo Revark and CEO of XPD Arquitectos.  He has been the nominee of the National Youth Prize, a finalist in the The Venture – Chivas Regal  competition, and has won over 10 national and international architecture design prizes.  He has lectured in more than ten countries and cities with projects designed in Astoria NYC, Elmhurst NYC, and various projects in the Dominican Republic as well.  Abel has been an advisor in South and Central America.  His thesis, VillaCon EcoMarket is published in Evolo Arch, Archgiomale, Urban Lab, Wolfram Publications, ArcFreeze and Archiblog.

Abel’s projects focus on the psychology of the space, interactions between human and space, psychological marketing and experimentations with neuroarchitecture and it’s relation with sustainability.  He specializes in commercial and institutional design.

Winning design:

Third Place Student Track

Ilyass Mousannif, National School of Architecture Marrakech, Marrakech, Morocco

Ilyass Mousannif is an Architecture student from Morocco.  He started his architectural studies in September 2014 in National School of Architecture, Marrakech, and is currently in his second semester as an exchange student at The Stuttgart Technology University of Applied Sciences – Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart. In the summer of 2016, he took part in the volunteer working site in Chateau Cazeneuve in Bordeaux, located in the south-west of France. “Hostels for hope” was Ilyass’ first, but surely not the last participation in an architecture competition.  Adopting the sustainable approach was initiated by Ilyass’ school orientation at the National School of Architecture, Marrakech which encourages the use of local materials and the implication of local people in the process of construction. For professional field experience, Ilyass has taken part in two internship experiences, in architecture office as well as working sites. As for his interests, he grew up being passionate about geometry, informatics and agronomy.

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