Hostels for Hope Competition

Each year, for thousands of women in the United Republic of Tanzania, a positive diagnosis for cervical or breast cancer is followed by an impossible decision: travel to a far-away hospital for treatment and face the possibility of unsafe or unaffordable lodging, or stay at home and succumb to cancer.
To ease this burden, Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon, a global partnership fighting women’s cancers, the American Cancer Society (ACS), HKS, Inc., and Southern Methodist University (SMU) are launching an international competition in April 2016 to solicit designs for two “home-away-from-homes” for these women.
Inspired by the ACS Hope Lodges, these hostels will provide safety and comfort for Tanzanian women as they receive life-saving cancer treatment. We know innovative people have solved similar challenges in the developing world by using fresh thinking, sustainable materials and resourceful ingenuity, including modular units, pre-fabricated structures, local materials and ecologically sustainable approaches. We wish to bring such creativity to bear on the design of wellness hostels, so that women with cancer in Tanzania can get the care they need to survive. We believe this competition will stimulate inventiveness and creativity to result in projects with the potential to increase access to critical treatment that will save the lives of many women. gwbi-logo-smacs-logohks-logoprrr-logo-verticalsmu-logot-marc logo 1-1


A new strategy, developed after months of collaboration between PEPFAR and the Bush Institute-led Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon (PRRR) partnership, builds on the catalytic work of Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon over the past seven years, and evolves that collaboration to save even more lives.

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