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Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon: A New Chapter

Posted by On October 7, 2015

By Crystal Cazier On September 20 to 21, President George W. Bush and Mrs. Laura Bush hosted the Global Women’s Network: A Summit of Ideas, Innovation and Partnerships at the George W. Bush Institute in Dallas, Texas. The event brought together First Ladies, private and public sector leaders, and the next generation of innovators to […]


President George W. Bush and Partners Strengthen Fight Against Women’s Cancers with Launch of Nonprofit Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon

Posted by On September 22, 2015

DALLAS, TX (September 22, 2015) — President George W. Bush announced today that Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon, a public-private partnership aimed at catalyzing the global community to reduce deaths from cervical and breast cancer, will become an independent 501c3 organization. “As an independent entity, Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon will have greater flexibility to expand, to […]


Mobile Technology That Save Lives

Posted by On August 10, 2015

By McKenna Gilliland Since 2013, Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon has been working with local implementers in Tanzania to help women fight cancer. In 2015, the partnership began an innovative program to fund transportation for rural women to cancer-care centers and back to their homes through a grant provided by Vodacom Tanzania, the country’s leading mobile […]


The Power of One: Meet Agnes

Posted by On August 6, 2015

By Crystal Cazier Agnes Musonda is actively raising awareness to fight cervical and breast cancer in her country. Because of the hard work and dedication of Agnes and her team, women in the most remote parts of Zambia who might otherwise be forgotten are more aware of the risks of cervical and breast cancer and […]


Lessons from the Field

Posted by On August 3, 2015

By Doyin Oluwole In my work at Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon, I spend significant time traveling domestically and internationally. Whether it’s to meet with the Governments and implementers in the countries that Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon supports, or share expertise and experiences at global health conferences, I always learn vital lessons that can guide us […]


In-Country Implementers: A Vital Link for Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon

Posted by On July 28, 2015

By McKenna Gilliland In the countries in which we work, in-country implementers carry out the daily work of the partnership. From awareness-raising to advocacy to screening and treatment, these local individuals and organizations form a vital link between Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon and the women we serve. Ato Wondu Bekele, Co-Founder and General Manager of […]


A Volunteer Opportunity Half Way Across the World

Posted by On July 14, 2015

By Andrea Kirsten-Coleman For the next six months, Kaye Henderson will trade her position in procurement at GSK in London for a volunteer role at a local non-governmental organization (NGO) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. As a GSK PULSE Volunteer, Kaye will develop a monitoring-and-evaluation system, financial management tools, and a procurement strategy for the Mathiwos […]


From the Road: Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon Visits Botswana

Posted by On June 25, 2015

By Andrea Kirsten-Coleman Last week Dr. Doyin Oluwole, Executive Director of Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon and Dr. Bill Steiger, Managing Director, traveled to Botswana for a routine check-in to assess progress of the implementation of Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon activities in the country. While there they visited one of the See-and-Treat sites in Tsopeng clinic, […]


Government of Botswana Takes a Bold Step to Reduce the Risk of Cervical Cancer for More Than 68,000 Girls

Posted by On June 22, 2015

By Andrea Kirsten-Coleman We know that Africa’s future success depends, in large part, on its young women. By 2030 the number of adolescent girls in sub-Saharan Africa will rise to 113 million, a group large enough to have a significant impact on the continent. Although this scenario will present challenges, with the right investments, especially […]


Five Innovative Approaches to Tackling Breast and Cervical Cancer in Tanzania

Posted by On June 17, 2015

By Andrea Kirsten-Coleman In many parts of the world, the word “innovation” means shiny new technology, the latest gadget, or a scientific breakthrough.  In the field of cervical and breast cancer, “innovation” means much more than that.  Rather than a single innovation, an innovative, multi-pronged approach is key to saving the lives of as many […]