Accountability: A Major Principle of Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon

Posted by On May 14, 2014
SC binders cropped By Dr. Doyin Oluwole The RSVPs are in, materials are assembled, and presentations are polished. At Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon we’re ready to welcome over 50 individuals to our sixth bi-annual Steering Committee meeting which will be held on May 14, 2014, at the George W. Bush Presidential Center, in Dallas. As a public-private partnership our work at Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon is guided by a Steering Committee (otherwise known as the Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon Board). The biannual Steering Committee meetings are a part of our accountability mechanism to ensure that every partner, including countries account for what they have committed to, and that we are delivering results. The expertise and experience of our Steering Committee members help us to accelerate the progress against cervical and breast cancer. This week we’ll be joined by individuals from our organizing partners, corporate and foundation members, supporting members, and country partners — Zambia, Botswana, and Tanzania. Together we’ll discuss:
  • the state of cervical and breast cancer and our progress toward ending these diseases in our current countries in sub-Saharan Africa;
  • opportunities for expansion to new countries;
  • how data can help us more accurately measure lives saved and help us make decisions on next steps in the countries where we work.
In our work we’re often reminded of the African Proverb that reads: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” It’s this group that allows us to go both far and fast. We’re looking forward to a productive session. Stay tuned for the outcome. And, to all our Steering Committee members we say, “Welcome to Dallas!” Dr. Doyin Oluwole is Executive Director, Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon.