Breast Cancer Information

Please view our fact sheet for information on the health burden of breast cancer, risk factors, and interventions to address it:

Fact sheet on breast cancer


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  • “It comes down to this: What a tragedy it is to save a woman from HIV/AIDS only to lose her to breast or cervical cancer a couple of years later. Especially when these diseases are detectable and treatable.”


    Ambassador Nancy Brinker, founder, Susan G. Komen, August 2012.


Review – Breast Cancer Care in Africa

December 2015 | Breast Care

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Breast-Feeding May Cut Breast Cancer Recurrence Risk

May 2015 | The New York Times, The Journal of the National Cancer Institute

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Cervical Precancer Treatment in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A Technology Overview

2016 | Journal of Global Oncology

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Disparities in Breast Cancer and African Ancestry: A Global Perspective

March 2015 | The Breast Journal

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Why Do More Black Women Die of Breast Cancer? A Study Aims to Find Out

July 2016 | The New York Times

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Training Materials

New Online Breast Cancer Diagnostic Toolkit

August 2016 | American Society for Clinical Pathology

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PRRR and Partners’ Articles and Media

Developing New Predictive Tests in Oncology

May 2016 | Qiagen

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Other Useful Information

Cancer MoonShot 2020 Announces Breast Cancer Working Group

June 2016 | Cancer MoonShot 2020

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Study: Breast Tumors Evolve in Response to Hormone Therapy

August 2016 | ScienceDaily, Nature Communications

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Quick Take on Promising New Approaches to Treating Breast Cancer

JULY 2016 | Caroline Helwick, American Society of Clinical Oncology Post

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Putting Breast Cancer on a Diet – Potential for Weight Loss Treatment

June 2016 | The New York Times

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